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Regression thresholdโ€‹

The regression threshold is the percentage of performance degradation relative to your default branch that is considered acceptable.

If the overall performance degradation is less than the threshold, the status check is considered successful. Otherwise, the status check will fail and the only way to make it pass is either to fix the performance issues or to acknowledge the regression.

By default, the regression threshold is set to 10% but you can change it in the Settings tab of your repository:

Informational Status Check on Failureโ€‹

Sometimes, you may not want a failure status to appear in your pull requests when the performance check fails.

In this case, you can enable the Informational Status Checks on Failure option in the Settings tab of your repository.

When this option is enabled, the status check will be sent as an informational status check instead of a failure.

Pull Request commentsโ€‹

You can customize when the Pull Request reports will be sent:

  • Always: performance will be reported on every commit. If a comment already exists, it will be updated.

  • On Change: performance will be reported if there is a significant improvement(more than the regression threshold) or a failure(a regression or a drop). If the comment is created after a change, it will be updated later on even if the performance is in standard bounds.

  • Never: the performance will never be reported in the comments of your Pull Requests. The status check will still be sent though.